The Risky Whiskey Boys started over 30 years ago in Jimmy’s garage in Frayser.  They were known as “Risk” back then, not Risky, Whiskey and Frisky.  Jimmy’s dad was paying the utility bill while Risk was taking full advantage, turning 110 volts into 220 volts every time they plugged in.  But Jimmy quit – Jody got married, I should have known they’d never get far. 

Update – the boys are back in town.  Caught in a lurch and needing a guitarist in 2015, David “Whiskey” called Jimmy “Risky”, who agreed to play a gig in Fairfield Bay.  About a year later, the boys called up Big Al “Frisky” from the reserves, and the rest is history.  So maybe there was a thirty-three-year hiatus, and maybe they modified their name so they wouldn’t sound like a kid’s 80’s garage band.  Big deal.  If you ask me, they haven’t missed a beat, and thank God for the Fairfield Bay gig.  The Risky Whiskey Boys are the best you’ve ever heard.

Jimmy “Risky” Smith is a guitar-slinger standout of the 80’s and 90’s Battle of the Guitarists. He currently holds the title as the lead guitarist of the Risky Whiskey Boys.

David “Whiskey” Pool played with many bands during the thirty-two-year hiatus.  He earned a Commercial Music degree from the University of Memphis and went to play with Dickey Betts, Mike Reno, John Cafferty, Peter Rivera, Pat Upton, Hootie & the Blowfish, and many others.  As a member of Carson and Pool, David played from the Florida panhandle to Europe. He now holds the title of lead singer in the Risky Whiskey Boys.

Big Al was born 5126 miles from Istanbul, Turkey in a small town called Memphis, Tennessee. His first job working for his mother’s only son as a self-employed third shift used tooth pick refurbisher was very challenging. One day Al had a brilliant idea to glue all the unsold toothpicks and use them to tap on objects in a rhythm fashion to create the Danceable Beat Concept, or (DBC). On a plane trip from Memphis to Atoka, Al met up with 2 traveling salesmen. The first was Avedis Zildjian, who Al discussed his ideas of melting brass into thin round objects for pleasing accent sounds. The other salesman was Remo Belli, who Al discussed stretching calf skin over round objects at different tensions to create different tones. Together Al and his new friends would complete the world’s first drum set. Al began performing with local bands such as, “The Illegitimate Sons of Elvis” and “Al’s Adventures”. Today, Al is practicing safe drums and you can catch a glimpse of him performing with the latest Very Hot Band “The Risky Whiskey Boys”. On stage, Al is a Maniac and Crowd Pleaser. With his 10 second Digitally Processed 512 beats per minute Drum Solo he is able to keep the crowds begging for more.